Margarita Day!

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Margarita Monday!   

 In a general act of randomness it has been brought to my attention that today is National Margarita Day!   Where is your favorite place for margy's on the Emerald Coast?   Is it some place beachside?   Or perhaps the bay?   Either way these delicious concoctions should be enjoyed, embraced and celebrated!   


Here's my favorite recipe;

4 Jalapenos
750ml Blanco Tequila
6 Limes
Lemon/Lime Soda
Tajin Chile Salt 

Roast jalapenos until charred, remove and place into a plastic bag.   Peel the char off and add them into a jar with the tequila.   Let steep for a week.  
Rim pint glass with lime wedge and dredge in Tajin. 
Fill with ice and pour 2ozs of tequila. 
Juice one of one lime.   
4ozs of soda
Stir and enjoy!   

Have it with tacos, nachos or dockside with friends.   No need to hide the shaker of salt!   

It's about community.